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Cheat subscribers on Instagram. What you need to know

Everyone has long known that brands, celebrities, influential people and even politicians practice adding fake subscribers to social networks. Why do they do it? It's all about perception. Suppose you bought bots, thereby gaining tens of thousands of subscribers.

To begin with, it’s worth identifying a key difference: page promotion on Instagram using an automation service and buying bots are far from the same thing.

Applications for cheating subscribers on Instagram like and comment on posts on your behalf, thereby attracting attention to your profile. You need to specify the user profile to which you are subscribing, based on location, use of hashtags, interests, gender, etc. It is also possible to set criteria, after which the bot stops following the account of someone who has not become your subscriber.

There are more expensive options that charge over $ 1,000 for 10,000 subscribers. Such services maintain the activity of your bots: they publish entries, update information and even periodically interact with your content.

Still want to buy followers on Instagram?

If you still decide to go to the dark side and buy followers on Instagram, then read the example of Hootsuite's below, which decided to find out whether the game is worth the candle.

They created a fake account and bought 1,000 subscribers for $ 10. The audience grew before our eyes. This is a plus. But it consisted entirely of bots. This is a minus.

Despite the presence of an audience, these subscribers were not added. Hootsuite even posted one photo, but that didn't help either.

The results are a solid minus: not a single comment. What is this talking about? There are a number of subscribers, but this did not affect the interest of real people. Even after a month, the post on the Hootsuite's account page did not collect a single comment, an absolute zero.

Instagram followers

Of course, you may buy 5 thousand instagram followers. The Hootsuite experiment is a banter that was originally meant to be that way. But this is a good example of how most marketers ineptly use the dark Force: they take in quantity, but the quality leaves much to be desired.

Yes, after a while, they subscribed to this account. But who are these mysterious kamikazes? Two schoolchildren and a dozen more bots are not a very suitable audience for a technology company.

The only thing that was constantly in this experiment, according to Hootsuite's: the number of subscribers remained at 1000, +/- 50, depending on the day of the week. As soon as a certain number of followers disappears - probably due to the blocking of such accounts - the system creates new ones and makes the delivery of bots. But it still remained a low-quality audience.

The results obtained when using the application for cheating subscribers on Instagram were slightly different - half of the new followers dropped out after a week.

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