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Stanozolol - effective muscle preservation

This drug became widely known after the Olympics in Seoul, when Canadian Ben Johnson, who had just won the 100-meter race with a new world record, was disqualified for its use. Paradox: as it turned out much later, Johnson did not take stanozolol... However, it was stanozolol, which the whole world knew, as a rule, by the names “Winstrol” or “Stromba”, for a long time remained the favorite “anabolic steroid” » athletes and swimmers. Until athletes realized that using stanozolol was more expensive for themselves, it firmly took a leading position in the list of drugs that are caught during doping control.

I want to disappoint the reader who asked the question given at the very beginning of the article: one cannot expect anything at all from a “course” of tableted winstrol stanozolol, taken 50 mg per day. Unless you are a woman and are the happy owner of a small amount of “wealth” at 45-50 years of age.

If, say, you can prepare for a hundred-meter race using Stanozolol alone, then for a bodybuilder, even a beginner, such a trick will not work - it will not be possible to prepare for a competition using only, for example, Winstrol. But this does not mean that stanozolol is not present in the arsenal of pharmacological agents of bodybuilders - it is actively used during that “blessed” period, which is called “drying”. True, in this case we are talking about the injectable form of stanozolol and very significant quantities, several times higher than the mentioned 50 mg per day. Although stanozolol is used during the period of weight gain, it is true, not so often.

True, for most people, stanozolol gives exactly the same amount of strength gains as it does in terms of weight gain. That is, nothing. Then why is it needed? And is it necessary at all, if we talk about tableted stanozolol?

Why is it needed? Needed. The main purpose of the drug, produced in tablet form and containing, as a rule, 5 mg of stanozolol, is to increase the level of free testosterone. The fact is that as the course of androgens and anabolic steroids progresses smoothly, the amount of testosterone found in the blood plasma in an unbound form also gradually decreases. Which, frankly speaking, is not good at all. Oral stanozolol is designed to correct the situation. By the way, the most “sad” situation with free testosterone is observed in men who have entered, let’s say, the age of maturity. So those representatives of the “stronger” sex whose age has exceeded 45 years will even experience some muscle growth as a reaction to taking oral stanozolol. Representatives of the fair sex will also get a very good effect, expressed in muscle growth, from the use of stanozolol.

What else can you expect from stanozolol? If we talk about the positive aspects, then a decrease in progestogenic activity, especially pronounced in such “anabolic steroids” as nandrolone or trenbolone. So taking “Deca”, “Phenyl” or “Tren” should be accompanied by “Winstrol” tablets and similar drugs.

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